Fibrous Plaster Corbels

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Architectural corbels that complement your property

Add a stylish finish to arches and beams with our range of architectural fibrous plaster corbels.

At ARM Fibrous Plaster Mouldings Ltd, we manufacture plaster corbels in a range of sizes and styles to suit all properties.

Corbels can be utilised for both modern spaces and in heritage properties.
Architectural corbels

Interior Architectural Corbels

Plaster corbels can be fixed under beams, shelves or doors. From plain to ornamental designs, we can produce corbels to suit your opening or wall.

Contact our team in Alton to discuss your fibrous plastering project requirements. We provide plaster moulding services for customers throughout Hampshire and across the south of England.

Browse through our portfolio to take a look at the quality of our craftsmanship.
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Plaster corbels

Corbel Designs

c 01

C 01

Width 125mm
Height 170mm
Depth 60mm
c 02

C 02

Width 195mm
Height 265mm
Depth 105mm
c 03

C 03

Width 260mm
Height 260mm
Depth 145mm
c 04

C 04

Width 295mm
Height 275mm
Depth 145mm
c 05

C 05

Width 140mm
Height 305mm
Depth 150mm
c 06

C 06

Width 115mm
Height 170mm
Depth 90mm
c 07

C 07

Width 240mm
Height 300mm
Depth 110mm
c 08

C 08

Width 210mm
Height 270mm
Depth 95mm
c 09

C 09

Width 160mm
Height 195mm
Depth 115mm
c 010

C 10

Width 260mm
Height 305mm
Depth 125mm
c 011

C 11

Width 400mm
Height 300mm
Depth 110mm
c 012

C 12

Width 245mm
Height 260mm
Depth 235mm
c 013

C 13

Width 110mm
Height 250mm
Depth 90mm
c 014

C 14

Width 210mm
Height 280mm
Depth 105mm
c 015

C 15

Width 140mm
Height 280mm
Depth 245mm
c 016

C 16

Width 180mm
Height 205mm
Depth 60mm
c 017

C 17

Width 155mm
Height 222mm
Depth 130mm
c 018

C 18

Width 185mm
Height 245mm
Depth 100mm
c 019

C 19

Width 355mm
Height 215mm
Depth 110mm
c 20

C 20

Width 140mm
Height 225mm
Depth 45mm

For architectural fibrous plaster corbels, call ARM Fibrous Plaster Mouldings Ltd in Alton, Hampshire today.

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